My current work is about the mapping of an inner landscape - giving shape to the hidden geography in which my spirituality and artistic practice have their roots. My spirituality has evolved within the traditions of Christian belief and contemplative prayer, my artistic evolution has been shaped by twentieth century modernism, itself largely resistant to Christian influences. My personal journey has been a quest to reconcile these two aspects of my life - "To speak what is difficult to speak when it is not made to speak it."

A key element of my work is a kind of purposeful playing with raw materials - in much the same open-ended way children play in order to learn about themselves and their place in the world. Play involves exploration, experiment, risk-taking and discovery.

The ideas thus generated are explored more deeply as they are given tangible, visual form, an activity which can, as the sculptor Louise Nevelson has said, involve a "... painful search within".

Artistic practice and religious belief deal in paradox, ambiguity and enigma; the artist and the believer are both invited to walk a path with no clear destination, where "bewilderment can occasion a new way of knowing".

My intention is to use the materials, concepts and aesthetic of contemporary art as a way of apprehending something of the mystery and presence at the heart of life, without compromising either artistic integrity or spiritual truth.

"A confession of faith is also a confession of not knowing." Morris West